“Loving yourself is the best medicine on the planet.” – Joanne Morgan

Today has been a day of blessings.

I was gifted this book by a dear friend from school:


It’s perfect timing, as I’ve been wanting to re-start my morning meditation, but to no avail time and time again. This worked! The first message of the day was: Be honest with yourself. What are you feeling deep down inside? Are you able to love yourself and all your emotions? (Geez… isn’t THAT the journey of a lifetime…)

I realized that school was a half-day instead of a full day. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?? Reminds me of snowdays. 🙂

THEN when I got home, I got my new business cards from VistaPrint! Yay VistaPrint for making it so affordable. I must share them here:

Business Card.jpg

Does it look anything like this………….?


In case there was any doubt, yes, the business cards were inspired by my ever-so-soft llama cactus pants from the Hive and Grove. Part of me was thinking I *should* go with something more professional. My inner child wanted to come out and play, and clearly she took the reins here. I’m happy they reflect who I am rather than who I think I *should* be.

May you be happy. May you be peaceful. May you be love.

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