A message from Wayne Dyer

Was feeling a little in need of inspiration, and look what comes through the front door of Gmail! (More like the backdoor, but how cool is it that it came to my attention??)

Excerpt from Being in Balance: Dr. Wayne Dyer


Oscar Wilde once observed that “we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” This is a perfect example of what it means to align your vision and thoughts so that they’re balanced with what you sense you’re here to be. A thought such as It is my intention to create a place to help underprivileged children is in reality a message to the Universe. If you feel strongly that you came here for a particular purpose, then you should cultivate energy to match this dream. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances of your life are. Your current financial status is unimportant when it comes to your pursuit of this purpose. The presence of a gaggle of naysayers shouldn’t sway you or make you doubt your attraction to your calling. What you’re doing as you get your life balanced with your dream is beginning to co-create your life.

Co-creation is cooperatively using the energy from the invisible field of Spirit. It is perfectly balancing your in-the-world calling with the pure energy of creation. You emulate this creation field by being as much like it as possible. This involves your willingness to contemplate yourself as a being of balance attracting the conditions you desire to produce. It is in the contemplation of this power that you actually acquire this power. Reread that statement until it sticks with you like superglue. You cannot manifest a place for helping underprivileged children by contemplating the impossibility of that happening. Even if you’re in the gutter, you have the option of looking at the stars. This means thinking star thoughts and rejecting the weight of those that attract the gutter. Your balance point is a certainty that you affirm with thoughts along the lines of I know it, I desire it, it’s on its way, nothing can stop it, and there’s nothing for me to be upset about.

This alignment will completely turn your world around. The Universe is based on a Law of Attraction. You’ll begin seeing the Universe conspiring with you to attract the right people, the right finances, and the seemingly synchronistic events to turn your dreams into reality, here and now. When you’re balanced with thoughts of deserving this cooperation from the world of Spirit, you actively engage in bringing it about. You’re enjoying the lightness of being in balance with the creative energy of life. It’s no longer possible to sit around complaining or feeling frustrated. You are energized! Why? Because you’re balanced with the Source of all creation. And just like it, you access creativity by attracting all that you need with your thoughts. It just doesn’t work if you’re in a state of imbalance, complaining, living in fear, or expecting the worst.

The same logic of realignment for balancing your dream energy with your daily habits applies to anything you’re capable of imagining: writing and producing your own music album, training horses, adopting a child from an impoverished land, owning your own home in the country, landing the job that’s always eluded you, making the kind of money that will free you from debt, running a marathon. You name it, and if you can dream it, you can achieve it. But only if you align your inner creative energy—your thoughts—so that they match up perfectly with your desires. Thoughts that reinforce current habits that are incongruous with your desire must be replaced with aligned energy.

No one has said it better than Jesus of Nazareth: “Believe that you shall receive and you shall receive.” What’s the point of living a life disputing such in-balance wisdom?


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