Gifts from the big U

A need for cooking oil to deep-fry some odd-looking meat substitute propelled us to go on a quick walk to the corner store. Lo and behold, one of the houses on our street had left a bunch of stuff on the curb, as is customary when people have items to share. Usually it’s a mishmash of used furniture, household products and books that have seen their day.

This time, was a little more remarkable for me. They come at a very synchronistic time. I had just written God a direct letter (usually i just address him/her in prayer/speech/thought, without any real persuasive force). I was feeling frustrated and figured if it worked for Neale Donald Walsch, surely it could work for me?

God appears in all manner of ways, and to me, this is his way of showing up and responding to my request. Dear God, Thank you for your loving response!

To further add to the meaning of the books:
Friendship with God specifically talks about how to develop a friendship with God, a.k.a. two-way communication! This was a large-print edition and the front paper flap was held open to page 111…
Four Agreements companion guide – lots of guiding questions for me to work though in a very tangible way
A Philosopher’s Notes – contains knowledge from philosophers including Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Emerson, Nietzsche, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Campbell, Dan Millman, Paulo Coehlo… what more could one ask for???

Anyway, i just wanted share this exciting synchronicity with the world!

In light and love.


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