Katheryn Hudson on The Therapist

Came across this on Vice’s youtube channel yesterday. At this point, most of what i knew about Katy Perry was just.. her shoulder-length black hair, she’s a firework, or we’re fireworks, and she’s super popular. Her music never really drew me in, nor her pop persona. I am now totally in love with her (well, as much as one could love after watching an interview).


Little did i know, behind the vibrant “Katy Perry” was Katheryn Hudson, a younger, “less evolved” (her words) version of her current self. “I didn’t feel like I was enough, so I had to kind of create this character of myself.”

What spoke to me is her desire for authenticity. In this beautiful interview, she reveals her inner struggles and journey. She talks about her family, and how incredibly close they are. She talks about the Universe and intuition and following her heart.

In a world where it’s often not safe to be ourselves, people with the courage to step into the arena and live from their hearts are pillars of hope for us all, and inspire us to live our best life in full alignment with who we are. Thank you, Katheryn!

It was definitely worth my while to watch. Linking it here!

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