Psychology of Self with Jordan Peterson

I took a Psychology of Self course in 2nd year and it was very memorable. 3 events stand out:

  • The dragon in the house – he shared this children’s story of a dragon in a house. The mom keeps denying there is a dragon. The dragon grows larger and larger until it takes over the whole house. Then finally the mom yells to get the dragon out of the house and it instantly becomes small again –> the power of repression
  • He was handing back assignments, and he waited until the very end to give mine back. By then, the class had pretty much emptied out. I walked over and was quite concerned – had i failed??? When he handed it back to me, he handed it directly to me and said… *this is when my heart dropped lol* – he said something to the effect of – it was really well done. That doesn’t really happen to me – only twice… hmm..
  • Lion King & other Disney movies – Carl Jung & archetypes (i have since found this lecture online – exciting!!)

So i was browsing facebook when a video popped out to me. It had the words “THIS IS WHY I ALWAYS SAY WHAT I THINK REGARDLESS OF CONSEQUENCES” and no subtitles, so i had to click it to watch. I usually never watch these videos. This one reached out to me so i did. The man was REALLY well spoken, like Kristnamurti, and it so tickled me that i wanted to see who he is and look more into it.

Jordan Peterson.

I instantly remembered who it was. Isn’t this insane??? I even have that dragon book still… The Universe is amazing.

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