Feminism & Wolves

Went for a beautiful walk yesterday with a friend. Due to her interest in similar topics, we spent hours browsing the bookstores on Bloor. I found the Clarissa Pinkola Estes book i’ve been wanting to read – Women who Run with Wolves. It’s cool she’s a Jungian analyst… that guy is everywhere.

I’ve never been drawn much to feminist ideology, despite having spent 10 years at an all-girls school, and studied it in my ethics courses. Now, what appeals to me is the nurturing nature of the feminine, the compassion and empathy, and generally the “softer” qualities more often associated with women than men. the “Yin” side of us. 🙂

Talking to sisbum this morning and brought up Charles Eisenstein – turns out she came across him a few days ago! So exciting. She really likes his ideas. I still can’t put his book down. It’s like a Bible to me. It’s so beautiful and eloquently written. The ideas captures so succinctly.

Good timing for finding the book actually. When i picked it up, my friend said she had the same book and had not read it yet. So we’re going to read it together. It’s also suitable because i was talking to DD about it and she was sharing about her daughter’s difficulties in first-year Uni. It’s very unfortunate that we grow up feeling we have to fit into the system. Why wouldn’t we create a system that nurtures us instead? Would you choose pants that fit, or would you just get the generic size and make yourself fit into it?

Ok. Enough musing for one morning. 🙂




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