Love is the answer!

The past two days this message has been coming from all different sources! Men, women, scientist, flakie… WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Dolores Cannon, Christiane Northrup, Neale Donale Walsch, Ian Mackenzie, Charles Eisenstein, Lissa Rankin… it’s all there.

OOO Paulo Coehlo is on oprah talking about the Universe’s language. You only learn by making mistakes and paying attention.

I often think back to when my mindset started changing, when i started to see the world for the illusion it is… and i can’t pinpoint it. I can see a general timeline, but i’m sure it was a gradual thing, 3 steps forward 2 steps back sort of thing, and even then, the 3 steps must’ve been quite preliminary.

lol Coelho says that if you want to write, you have to write. I love writing. I feel like i’ve always loved writing. Remember in high school when i would write blurbs and read them to gerald, or dave.. even now i love writing. Blogs, letters, emails, i love communicating and expressing love and emotion. Yesterday on my walk with the pooch i realized that i really love showing people their light. That gives me so much joy and i feel it propels me in most of my passionate creative projects. My felt projects and emails and letters to people all seem to revolve around showing them their light that the world too often snuffs out. I notice that i re-read my stuff a lot too, beyond routine grammar checks. I wonder if it’s because i write for myself also – it’s just as therapeutic for me as it is for others.

How is the practice or writing yourself a love letter… i’m going to experiment and see if i can make something of it. Regardless, as rumi says, follow your bliss and there you will find your calling. Wayne also says that. And someone yesterday…

Ok let me try this love letter to myself thing.

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