This morning has been a moving dive into some figures in psychology. It started with a sudden interest in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Which is an odd place to go from ZMM. That led me to read up on self-transcendence. I had no idea there was something after self-actualization. Even re-reading about the whole pyramid was nice tho and answers questions as to why humans always seem to want more. I guess it’s part of human nature? Self-transcendence led me to believe that perhaps psychology and mysticism do intertwine. After looking up peak experiences, also by Maslow, I felt compelled to look up William James again. His book, “the Varieties of Religious Experience”. I remember that book vividly and intensely from university. i don’t know what made me have such a non-pleasant attitude towards it. i think it’s because i had no idea what it was talking about at the time… no idea. Hrm.

Listening to Coldplay and thinking about first coming across all these great minds in university gives me the G-bump tingles to think that the big U has always been there, guiding, and leading me to things that touch my soul and guide me on my way…

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