Syncronicities and the big U

So today i requested my runners find me a parking spot at AP. I made sure to let them know in advance, so there’s time for things to work their magic. Instantaneous magic a la Christ-style is not yet available to me.

I arrived, and someone had JUST parked in a spot. There were no other ones except the accessible one, which would work since i had dad’s car, but i really, really do not park in those spots unless there’s no other option. Anyway, i parked, and as i was paying, a young girl and an older lady walked by. They were the ones i saw parking earlier. The younger one said, in a very kind tone, “Did you see where you parked?” just in case i hadn’t seen that it was priority parking. I replied that i had, and my plan was to pay for parking and wait for a spot to open up. They smiled and went on their way, and i thanked them for their attention.

I took a peek at the other parked cars, to see what time they paid for parking until, as an indication of when they would return. Most were until evening, since parking is a measly $5 for the full day here. So i figured i would go upstairs first and can wait for a spot to open up to move the car.

When i arrived upstairs, it turns out the coordinator isn’t at this location today, so i can park in her spot! Tada! It all worked out and THAT’s why the runners didn’t need to reserve me a spot. 🙂

Message of the moment: The U doesn’t always give as we expect. Do not be the means and the ways committee.

Yesterday, i listened to the Coldplay album for the first time (who would’ve thought it’d take that long, when Coldplay is one of the few bands i enjoy). Some really good tracks, and even more amazing is the kaleidoscope track where they read Rumi!

Life is beautiful.

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