Relationships are fascinating. Interpersonal communication is fascinating. How we interact, view, interpret, is all fascinating.

In light of my departing work, i had breakfast with our HR person this morning. Thinking about our ups and downs makes me chuckle. She hired me, we didn’t interact much, i heard rumours that she didn’t really like me and said i didn’t do anything. Which was true at the time, actually. I was managing VTC at the time. Then i got switched to be under her and i disliked her even more. We were hardly civil to each other, and i think i was pretty immature about my attitude as well. I felt she gave me no direction, and it was all weird. Helen hated me at the time too. That’s when i got involved with the exercise program and moved into the current team. Over time, me and HR got to talk more somehow – i’m not even sure how – but it’s been wonderful! When i was really stressed at work, she took a walk with me and had a long chat about gaining perspective on life, and not to take it too seriously. When i said i was going to buy a parking permit, she let me know it was okay not to purchase one, and to save my money. When i called her to go for breakfast, she said yes without hesitation.

I’m so grateful to the Universe for all the blessings, and all the wonderfully beautiful people i’ve met here. They’ve given me so much support and love over the years, and really helped me grow.

Thank you!

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