Wow Xanga

Holy. Shit.

So i went to to see what’s going on there. I went a few months ago and they said they were fixing up the site. GUESS WHAT? They saved all the blog archives!!! AND you can import them into WordPress. So, obvviously that’s the first thing i do. What. the. fuck. That is mind blowing. To be able to go back to 2003 July, when my first entry is dated. It’s like a time capsule! I look forward to re-visiting my stories to see the ways i have changed / not. Can’t wait!

The Universe really does have a sense of humour… all these threads tying my younger days with the current, showing me how i’ve been who i am all along, underneath it all. The message is the same. I rant and rave about the same things. lol. Hopefully a little less petty now, a little more conscious. But, in the end, day by day, we just do our best and know it’s enough (for the Universe).

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