Carl Jung, the mystical experience, science & religion

Since the summer of 2015, i’ve started delving into books on consciousness, the LOA, and manifestation. It’s amazing how these books talk about things i studied back in university, where i thought i wasted all my time learning things that would not lead to a rich career. Now, philosophy and psychology are sprinkled generously in all these books, and the background reading & familiarity help me grasp the material in a deeper way.

Even taking the Alpha course.. it solidified my belief in Jesus as a living person, and thank God for that, because a Course in Miracles and all these inspirational thinkers refer to Jesus. Imagine if i still had that lingering doubt about him! As if my mind chatter isn’t enough.

The History of Science and Religion was a beautiful course taught by a physics professor. Basically religion explains primary causes (why something happens) and science explains the secondary cause – how this is done. Hence i never really saw a conflict between the two.

Carl Jung…. he is everywhere. Need i say more.

Psychology. The milgram experiments. situationism vs. dispositionism. heuristics and biases. all the mental forces that mess with our mind, i’ve had a chance to study at a general level. It gives me an awareness of my inner thought processes so that i can sift through my thoughts to come at the essential core (or at least try to!).

It all comes together………………………

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