Somebody to Love – Kacey Musgraves

Struggling with my mortality. Does that make sense? the human side of me. now that i ponder it, i don’t even know what i meant to say. i think i liked the sound of it more than the meaning. hrm. interesting.

Came across this song in Lissa Rankin’s blog. I think i’ve heard it once before after seeing in on this fb post about uplifting music. I enjoyed it the 2nd time around much more. The lyrics are so beautiful. It reminds me of Kahlil Gibran. We really are all flawed and perfect in our imperfection. We are united in this human struggle, trying to make the best of what we face. The more we are compassionate to each other, the more beautiful world will come about in our hearts and reflected in the material world. We’re so hard on ourselves and each other.. to what avail? As the quotation goes, …

i could not find it for the life of me, and i’m pretty good at finding quotes! The funny thing is, i remember seeing it on the www, then i saw it on Lissa Rankin’s page and thought it was funny to see her post it, as it’s not in line with her usual lengthier posts. So i went to hunt for the quotation on her page. Instead of the quotation, i found this:

“We humans are so adorable with all our human suffering and dramas and fears and insecurities. We go on and on about everything we don’t like about ourselves, each other, and the world, and we feel so alone in our grief, anger, terror, disappointment, and longing. And yet we’re all going through the same thing dressed up in different stories! We all have times when we feel rejected, disenfranchised, disempowered, wounded, traumatized, and scared. Whether it’s a break up, a financial crisis, a cancer diagnosis or the loss of a loved one, it’s so human to melt down! Whether it’s the global instability and trauma of 9/11 or 11/9 that rocks us to the core, we are all in this together. It is within the very threads of our shared human experience that unity and comfort lie, and yet when we most need the comfort of remembering that we are all connected is when we are at our most forgetful. I have to imagine that the invisible forces of love must feel such a fondness for us in the cuteness of our forgetfulness.

I do not mean to diminish the realness of our painful emotions or employ some spiritual bypass to skip the uncomfortable parts of the human experience in lieu of Oneness. But I do find myself growing amused at times, as if I’m an alien from another planet, coming to earth and witnessing all the suffering, wondering if all these humans realize the whole thing is a cosmic joke because, truth be told, there is only LOVE.

Sometimes Love shows up as strife, heartbreak, loss, uncertainty, and the disruption of everything you thought was love. It can test your faith and dismantle your world view. But when you see the unrest as a hurricane at the surface of the ocean, you realize that you have a choice. As a mote of consciousness, you can choose to simply drop beneath the surface, at least for a time, so you can rest. You don’t have to detach and exit this realm of consciousness, but you also don’t have to get stuck in the turbulence of the hurricane. You can choose to drop just a few feet under the ocean surface, and you might still get rocked around a bit by the waves, looking up at the turbulence above. But then you drop further into the sea, and you go down…and down…and as you go down you might feel tears of frustration or anger or grief. But you also start to feel peace as the turbulence on the surface grows distant. So you fall further, dropping deeper, until you plant your consciousness in the soft, silty sand at the ocean bottom. Then you drop your anchor here, and you feel peace, and in the peace, you discover, once again, there is only love.”


Somebody to Love – Kacey Musgraves

We’re all hoping, we’re all hopeless
We’re all thorns and we’re all roses
We’re all looking down our noses at ourselves
We’re all flawed and we’re all perfect
We’re all lost and we’re all hurting
And just searching for somebody to love

We’re all liars, we’re all legends
We’re all tens, I’d want elevens
We’re all trying to get to heaven, but not today
We’re all happy, we’re all hatin’
We’re all patiently impatient
And just waiting for somebody to love

We’re all good, but we ain’t angels
We all sin, but we ain’t devils
We’re all pots and we’re all kettles
But we can’t see it in ourselves
We’re all livin’ ’til we’re dying
We ain’t cool, but man, we’re trying
Just thinking we’ll be fixed by someone else

We all wrangle with religion
We all talk, but we don’t listen
We’re all starving for attention then we’ll run
We’re all paper, we’re all scissors
We’re all fightin’ with our mirrors
Scared we’ll never find somebody to love

We’re all good, but we ain’t angels
We all sin, but we ain’t devils
We’re all pots and we’re all kettles
But we can’t see it in ourselves
We’re all livin’ ’til we’re dying
We ain’t cool, but man, we’re trying
Thinking we’ll be fixed by someone else

Just tryin’ to hold it all together
We all wish our best was better
Just hopin’ that forever’s really real
We’ll miss a dime to grab a nickel
Overcomplicate the simple
We’re all little kids just looking for love
Yeah, don’t we all just want somebody to love?

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