Holy crap this book is old. 1990??? ok. many people have said this book is really good, so i’m giving it a try despite having already tried before.  i understand that for some books, you have to delve more into the book before it really catches your attention. so, i was patient. p.30.. nothing.. so i waited.. p.50.. still nothing.. my friend’s like, “don’t worry, it’ll get really good once he’s done all the character development.” I’M ON PAGE 117 NOW. geez. is the WHOLE BOOK character development???  i will never again read another John Irving book. But i refuse to give up after plowing through over a hundred pages. As a note to authors out there tho, DO NOT YAK ON AND ON ABOUT MOTHERS, CHURCHES, AND GRANITE QUARRIES endlessly. try to weave it into the story instead.

But then again, who am i to say. i don’t even have an article published, not to mention a dozen of books.

Let’s hope it gets better.  

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