The Giving Tree

This tree theme is inspired by one of my favorite childhood books – The Giving Tree.  they didn’t have any beachy themes..

Went to the Pride Parade yesterday.. it was aaaaaaaaamaaaaaazing.  I love celebrations. and downtown. and sun. and getting hosed down when you feel like you’re about to melt..

Watched Pan’s Labyrinth.. apparently it’s supposed to be REALLY good? it got 90 something on the tomatometer. Did i miss something? I sat through the whole thing thinking, “Ok.. something better happen to redeem this movie.. “.. but nothing.. just like Blair Witch.. how disappointing. ACTUALLY, what was even *more* disappointing is getting all excited to watch Knocked Up, but having it die on me not even halfway through.. boooooooooooo pirated dvds..

YAY! Lunch time with the debster. i’m soooooooooo hungry.. munchmunch..

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