A Million Little Pieces

“Because I’m fucked up and I’m fucked up really bad. I don’t know what happened or how I ever ended up like this, but I did, and I’ve got some huge fucking problems and I don’t know if they’re fixable. I don’t know if I’m fixable.”                       – James Frey

A very very dark book, it is so intriguing i cannot bring myself to put it down. I just got it yesterday and i’m on page 130.  A dark portrayal of drug abuse – something i have never done – it’s interesting that i am able to fully follow his thoughts and action.  He has an amazing ability to bring you right there with him, beside him as he pukes out his breakfast and whatever else is in his stomach, as he gets a root canal without any anesthesia, as he lies in his bed at night and feels all alone.. fiction or not, it’s a good read. what else could you ask for in a book.

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