I heart summer

AREN’T YOU JUST LOVIN’ THIS WEATHER??? it’s so gorgeous, words could never do it justice..

Finally washed my baby yesterday while basking in the sun’s glory.. i even cleaned the inside!  next time though, i’ll need a more trustworthy vacuum that doesn’t pick up dust then spout it back the other end .. all in all, it’s a great improvement.  she’s finally shiny!!! i heart issey k.  (if people didn’t know better, they would think that was an insufferably egotistical comment.)

Watched Fracture last night.  I looooooove anthony hopkins.  i think he would be an amazing hypnotist.  Ryan Gosling was good in it too.  pretty hot stuff i must say.. watching that movie makes me miss Edward Norton in Red Dragon though.. very hot.  So, overall i found the movie very captivating.. there *was* a moment in it that was disturbed by a solitary snore a little to the left of me.. but it passed and the movie contined to move along..

What do people think of reviews?  It got 2 stars out for 4.. and said that the script was bad, anthony hopkins was bad.. blahblahblah.. but.. i thought it was good. hahaha.. maybe i just have low standards.. i guess it’s also that i’m watching purely from an entertainment point of view rather than a critic’s one..

I want to go to the beach and laze in the sun while drinking umbrellatoppedstrawberrymargaritas with my garbs… i wonder if this year is the yeaaaaaaaaaaaaar..   

2 thoughts on “I heart summer

  1. This is beautiful weather, certainly makes it hard to stay inside. I hope you get your dream of sun, sand and filled umbrellatoppedstrawberrymargaritas. As for the movie… didn’t even know it’s out… but then never saw Red Dragon either. Reviews are, for the most part, worth nothing. Some of my favorite movies have gotten terrible reviews.


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