another phone come and gone.. :(

motorola-a1200 it’s hello and goodbye to my Precious.. .. the second phone to be stolen from me at pacific mall.. i blame it on 3 things..

1) a trusting nature – i’m not 100% on guard because i believe(d) that there’s a certain degree of respect people hold for each other..

2) i’m unlucky..

and 3).. probably the most obvious.. i’m an idiot.

so now i’m all pissed off and wondering how it could have happened within 10 minutes.  and why people do it.  and how their conscience let’s them get away with it.  and why they can’t just.. work for what they want.  it’s not like the phone fell outta the sky for me. i actually had to save and wait and save and wait to get it.  and now it’s gone.. sniffle..

the phone aside, i think it’s the feelings of violated trust that bother me the most.. i came back from lunch and placed my phone on the shelf behind the counter.. talked to my coworker a bit, forgot about the phone, then 10 minutes later.. gone.. obviously it didn’t just *fall* into someone’s pocket. so someone intentionally diverted my attention then teefed it.  and although i’ve heard lots of stories of people’s phone being stolen at pmall, it seems i haven’t learned my lesson – even though i’ve already experienced it once myself.  i guess it’s not in my nature to be so on guard.. so after awhile of defensive thinking, i resort back to my “ahh, it’s ok.. ” mentality. 

well, clearly THAT didn’t work.  hahahaha.. >.<

i’m an idiot.

5 thoughts on “another phone come and gone.. :(

  1. your being trusting should never change; this is terrible and good things will happen again to you. smile – it’s chinese new year! start saving those red envelopes for the next phone:)


  2. I think you are being too hard on yourself. Being trusting is a wonderful quality. It means that you haven’t let life beat you down. The fact of the matter is that the person that stole your phone was quit bold and in the end they are the only ones to blame. You left you phone behind the counter on a shelf, the person was quite determined to get it. If a person is that determined, to stop them you would need to have a completely guarded life, and as they say “then the terrorist win.”


  3. Being over cautious leads to paranoia dear, and everything happens for a reason. You have a wonderful gift, the gift of trust, however I think this trust can only be applied to people that you are close with, and not to be used elsewhere but that. Cheer up! The chap above is correct, you can only control what you do, you can’t control what others do (aka teefing your phone).


  4. sorry to hear that izzy .. 😦
    it’s hard to always remember to keep it in a safe place, esp when at work .. i never know where the heck my cell phone is half the time at work ..


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