So much for saving..

Driving on steeles .. a police car pulls up beside me.. my irrational fear of them springs up like untamed lava.. it’s ok.. i’m not doing anything wrong.. it’s cool..  so i drive along.. omg is it behind me now?  .. it’s ok.. just drive along slowly like i’ve been doing.. wtf did he just turn on his lights?  surely he wants to pass me.. let me just ease into the right lane.. how come he’s not moving.. *heart starts to beat faster*

Following speed limit?  Check.

Headlights working?  Check.

er.. what else is there?

“Miss, the reason i’m pulling you over is because your license plate sticker is expired.  Is there a reason why it’s been expired for over a year?” 

.. probably because i haven’t renewed it yet?..

“I’m sorry officer.. I didn’t know.. ” I utter weakly..

“I seeeeeeeeee.. can I see your license, ownership and insurance?”

License.  Check.

Insurance.  Check.  (i just emailed my insurance company and got them to send me a temporary one 2 days ago because they never sent me the original one.. damn lucky.  talk about just in time..)

Ownership.. i could’ve sworn i brought it over from my other purse.. i could’ve sworn i did..    .. .. no check.

This is going well.

So he goes back to his car.. feels like eternity.. how many tickets is he writing???

“Ok miss.. here’s your ticket.. now, the thing with this, is that if you bring it to court and show that you’ve renewed it, they’ll withdraw it.  They’re not interested in administrative charges.. and this isn’t one that has to do with careless driving.” 

sigh of relief.. he keeps talking.. “BUT, there’s only 15 days to do this.. after 30 it will be an automatic conviction and they will suspend you, as you probably know.” 

 he was referring to the time i got a ticket for who-knows-what, didn’t pay within the specified date and got suspended.. i should’ve remembered that our records follow us like garlic stink..

oh well.  what can you do.  he was really nice overall.  no complaints about cops.  now i wanna be one.  heehee.

So i’m looking online how to renew the damn sticker, and apparently you can do it online.  A perfect option for us lazies.  Now let’s look at the fees. 

Passenger vehicles or motorized mobile homes

  • In Southern Ontario, Cost:$74.00
  • In Northern Ontario, Cost:$37.00

I guess I can deal with the extra $37 .. $74 is manageable.. i just wish it was the price for 2 years and not just 1.. let’s just scroll down to see what else we see..

Personalized and Graphic Plates

  • 2 to 8 character personalized plates, Cost:$237.30
  • 2 to 6 character plates with a graphic, Cost:$316.80

 i already paid that amount when i first bought my plates.. they’re so totally mine.. i have to pay for them again?  my license plates are on lease?  without even the option to buy?  wtf.  so 2 years would be.. $474.6.. and i’ll bet they have some kind of service charge tacked onto it too.. does it LOOK like i’m swimming in money?  thank god i didn’t get one with a graphic!!! i would totally be kicking myself then.. as if i’m not now..

A quotation that resounds true for me right now.. “Despite the cost of living, it’s still popular..”

*                  *                   *

Good news bad news. 

Good news: due to stupid indentation on the Driver and Vehicle website, it turns out the yearly fee is only $74.

Bad news.. i never learn. 


   Licence Plate Renewal Fee:

   NSF Amount(s):0.00
   Defaulted Fine(s):198.00

so.. due to my tendency to procrastinate.. i now owe more than i would have to buy my actual plates.. live and learn..

or just pay the price for not doing so..

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