More contemplation and reflection about life.. I was talking to someone and he said, “I woke up today and I realized I’m in the very same spot I was in months ago.”  How far have I progressed on my journey?  Am I moving forward, or have I been caught in a spiral of inertia?  Do I make the most of my time?  The answer is no.  Hence, I have decided to start a list.  A list of things that I want to do.  Hopefully with it staring me in the face, I’ll be more accountable to my dreams and actually work towards actualizing them.

1> Travel to far and distant places.  First on the list is England, France, and Italy.. I never really appreciated history when I was young, but now something about it draws me to these places.. Maybe it’s their timelessness, or the sense of wonder you get when you imagine all the people and things that have gone on in that very same spot.. It also has a therapeutic effect of putting things into perspective.. you begin to feel small and your problems smaller.  Things that used to bother you seem to fade away into the majesty of the world..

2> Learn.  Learn more every day, no matter what it may be.  “Knowledge is the power that gives us wings to soar.”  I find that even though I’ve studied a lot and read tons of books.. I hardly retain half the knowledge I gain.. I guess that means I haven’t really gained anything.. haha.. sucky. 

3> Focus.  The human mind has boundless powers if we are focused.  Something like a laser.  or hail?  My mind is like scattered showers.. some here, some there.. not enough to water the flowers, but enough to mess up your hair.  What good is that? 

umm.. yeah.. i’ll start my list off slow.. GO ENGLAND!!!!!!!

“Let your heart guide you.  It whispers, so listen closely.”

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