Against what do we measure our achievements?  Just went onto friendster and came across some people that i haven’t talked to in years.. one of the people i’ve known virtually since i was born.. then i guess we grew older and apart.. Everyone seems like they’ve gone so far, done so much.. and i feel like i’m still here doing the same ol’ thing.. is that just outsider’s perspective vs. insider’s perspective, or is there some truth to it?

I suppose a lot is perspective.. I was talking to my best friend about turning the great __.  we shall not specify the exact number.  and she said that although people joke about how it’s a bad thing to get older, it doesn’t necessarily have to be.  different opportunities unfold to you as you mature.. ones that weren’t open to you before, and as you walk on, you learn and experience a multitude of new things.  As Morrie said, “You have to find what’s good and true and beautiful in your life as it is now.  Looking back makes you competitive.  And, age is not a competitive issue.” 

and walking along this flowery path i have come upon my books which beckon me insistently. 

back to life..

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  1. i wonder if competition & status (together or separately) are characteristics that are strictly human, or if it’s something primal don’t see birds comparing their kids’ job prospects, i.e. lawyer vs doctor vs accountant ..


  2. “we make money to make us happy, and if something makes us happier than that amount of money would in the bank, then it makes sense to spend it on what makes us happier instead.”
    helllo cell phone!


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