Watched Ice Age 2 on the weekend.. it was so good!  hahaha.. well, for a cartoon. Much better than the first one.  A few parts of it reminded me of Land Before Time though.. not that that’s a problem, since it was one of my favorite childhood movies..

it *was* kind of odd though, because i met up with some friends, who came with some other friends.. but they didn’t introduce them.  I find that happens a lot with.. dare i make such a huge generalization.. fobs.. maybe it’s just the bunch i know, but they don’t really introduce people.  You can show up for dinner, K, or bump into them on the street and the unknown person will just stand there.. kind of like wallpaper..

Went downtown with mao and samsam today.. made two purchases.. one which is, i can safely say, the largest purchase i’ve ever made at any given time in my life.. aaaahhhh.. but we make money to make us happy, and if something makes us happier than that amount of money would in the bank, then it makes sense to spend it on what makes us happier instead, right?   Self-persuasion is a truly wonderful thing. 

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  1. self persuasion is a dangerous thing .. i find that i persuade myself -not- to do things .. like spend money, etc, what did u buy .. ? hmm ? do tell do tell, u can’t keep us in suspense like this!


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