i love fridays…. i think i’ve said that every single friday since i started working. and i will say it every friday from hereon as well.

i love fridays.

my coworker knows i’m thinking of attempting the impossible.  well, for me anyway.  i’m trying to make tiramisu for my bf cuz he really likes it.  so, back to my story.  she came in and brought me some of her favorite recipes and 2 cook books with cheesecake recipes.  isn’t that so sweeeeeet???

dare i try…………….

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  1. it shouldn’t be too hard to make .. only tough part is making the cream filling … and getting the flavour fo rthat right .. the rest shuld be simple .. did u try the tiramisu at Maxim or Europa?


  2. my website is an appetite stimulant .. i should sell bottles of little pieces of paper with my xanga address on it, and sell it at pharmacies .. :)actually i prefer the light chinese cakes over the north american heavy-sugar-icing-dense cakes .. maxim also has a nice chestnut cake .. but yah, try out the tiramisu Europa if u get the chance .. maybe swing by on your way home .. ? http://www.xanga.com/item.aspx?user=moocow422&tab=weblogs&uid=261619607 .. the palce at Pac Mall, yea, they use Lindt chocolate in their cakes, which is pretty impressive .. the chef dude is chinese guy from the philipines ..nope never made cake before .. at least for tiramisu, it’s all in the cream .. there’s no real “cake” portion cuz that’s jus using the lady fingers .. so as long as the cream tastes nice and light w/ coffee flavour, it’ll be fine ..


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