weeeee… no e-mail at work, but i came up with this ingenius idea that allows me and a fellow downtown gal to communicate via the net…
unless SurfControl ends up blocking xanga too. how horrible would that be.
finally temperatures in the 30’s!!! i love it! heehee. baking in the sun is so fun. and that rhymed too. i’m a natural.
oh crap. almost forgot about this person’s wedding coming up… when is it again steph? i wonder if you ended up getting your white boots…
friend’s bbq in a week and a half. yippee!!! i love bbqs. *drool*
t.g.i. almost f!!!

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  1. hi fart head….the weddings on 626…darn i dont wanna go anymore….what should i wear?! darn i have no time for that right now..must concentrate in school while im still young and yea i havent found those white shoes…im screwed…what should i do..massive shopping after exams!


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