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has anyone ever had problems with their Rogers cell phone account?  ie, were you ever charged too much, too little… etc?  I think i was, i called rogers and this girl was absolutely rude and not helpful.  So is it that Rogers really has a system that never fails, or can i do something about what i think is a problem of wrong billing?  right off the bat she was like, “i’m not gonna sit here and go through 12 pages yadayadayada”  i never asked her to.  she could’ve at least made herself helpful and gave suggestions of what could have happened.  maybe i even calculated it wrong, but nooooooooooo…

ugh, stupid customer service people. 

after being conned into buying those jeans yesterday, i really need to take a stand more often.  so, ideally, instead of forking out the bucks to buy jeans that i’m not entirely sure of, i should’ve just said to the sales guy, “STOP YOUR WHINING.  I DON’T WANT THEM.”  grr.

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  1. 1) call their toll free line instead of their local line .. it costs them $$ to have someone on the line .. 2) u have a right not to be put on hold .. that’s why they have the “this call might be monitored blah blah .. “3) get their full name and employee ID at the beginning of the convo, as well as the name of their immediate supervisor, to show that u mean business .. and write that down .. if u have no luck with the employee, ask for the manager .. if he/she says the manager is not around, ask for someone else of the same ranking/level .. there’s no way a call center does not have a manager around ..


  2. oh dear .. u should never go to a car dealership alone then .. :)and u’ll be in big big trouble shopping in asia where bargaining and walking away is the norm ..izzybear is too much of a pushover .. careful izzyboy doesn’t take advantage of it !!


  3. it was nice seein u too .. too many ppl around tho .. no chance for the bears to bond .. :)i think sometimes it helps to have an idea of where u want to steer the convo, and if need be, escalate the issue .. cuz esp with cell phone companies, they have a lot of room to give .. they’re just bumholes about it ..


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