heehee.  after a restful weekend, i am back at work.  i went to sleep by 11:30 last night and was so proud of myself.  of course, it probably would have been much more restful had some absolutely retarded person had not called me 7 times between the hours of 12:00am and 2:45am.  boy do i get cranky………………….. i didn’t have my phone turned off cuz i use it as a phone/alarm (i didn’t pay that much just to use it for one function) and i figured people would have enough sense in them not to do something like that.  After 7 times and some text messages later, i figured that there indeed existed people with no sense.  so i finally crawled my way out of bed to look for the Samsung handbook to see how you turn on that oh-so-important function – having your alarm on and phone off.  ahh… problem solved.  but that is not to say that i wasn’t cranky.  cuz i was.  what a waste of sleeping early. 

never… interrupt… a girl’s sleep. 

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  1. crazy people calling others in the wee hours of the night. man who does that??? haha. too add on to your entry… never… interrupt… a man’s sleep either.


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