i think people really took my last entry the wrong way.  i said “foreign” because that’s exactly what i mean.  please don’t add any personal interpretations to that word.  it’s foreign because my friends aren’t like that.  just like france is foreign to me, as is japan and camping outdoors.  i didn’t say, oh, how can people live like that, what the heck.  a positive example.  people who live like bill gates.  they have chauffeurs, chefs, house-keepers.  that’s entirely foreign too. just cuz you say something’s foreign doesn’t mean you look down on it or think it’s bad.  it’s weird how people tend to take it the wrong way.  i even made sure i clarifed too.  that it was just “foreign”.  hence the choice in wording.  i didn’t say “weird”, i didn’t say people *should* drink. i merely said that i’m not close to anyone who doesn’t, or have never, been into drinking in some way or form. anyway.  if anything, it was just seeing that there’s a lot i haven’t been exposed to. as to the last comment, that’s for people who look at people who *do* drink with an air of condescension and say stuff like, “NO!  i don’t DRINK!”  as if it’s the worst thing on earth to do.  please read it in reference to what i said right before it and not just by itself. and i don’t think there will ever be a person who can say that nothing is “foreign” to them cuz… there will always be more to know, more to learn.  can someone really say they’re familiar with Everything??? politics, sociology, psychology, culture… or going to the extreme – icelandic culture.  it’s all a learning curve and recognizing that something is unfamiliar helps you see that there’s a lot out there that you didn’t know about and gives you the chance to learn more. 

on a lighter note…

got my hair straightened yesterday… officially… not just in my room by myself… i’ve always wondered what it’s like to have salon-straightened hair.  it always looks so silky on other people.  a total spur-of-the-moment thing spawned on by my lil’ cuz.  sat in the chair for 3 hours and 45 minutes, all-the-while having to go to the washroom. >.<. what horrible timing.  wasn’t sure if they had a washroom there, but would not enjoy the experience of walking to the P1 washroom with this KKK-looking-thing on my head, so i held it in.  successfully, thank god.

i figure it’ll save me time in the morning, so now i just have to give it a quick blow-dry, rather than sit there in front of the tv and trying to straighten it every morning.  gotta do what you gotta do to squeeze as much sleep as you can outta the night.  and if i don’t like it, well, it’ll grow out. 

the gross thing is, i can’t wash my hair til wednesday morning… >.<


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  1. i could cut the tension on this entry with a chop of my hand in the air. foreign is foreign people! don’t you know what that means?! haha. kidding. it’s funny how people can interpret things isn’t it? choice words… choice words… must always be careful with words. hey do i count as a close friend who’s not into drinking? maybe not so foreign afterall hmmmmm??? i’m just playin, this topic is sooo yesterday… literally. damn i’m corny! or should i say nutty? >.<  On your other note… your hair was pretty straight to start… how much straighter can it get??? is it so straight that it’s curly?


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