the foreign world…

do you know what i just realized?  i don’t know anyone who doesn’t party, doesn’t drink, doesn’t go out.  well, i do, but we’re barely acquaintences.  i probably couldn’t even name who they are.  and i don’t mean they don’t party *now*.  they never have in their whole life.  even on their brithday.  even on new years.  well, just recently, i had dinner someone and this person does not drink at all, and does not go out, and… well, he/she does go out, but to do very healthy stuff.  which i cannot name.  cuz i don’t know. it really is like we’re in different worlds.  not that my whole life is partying and drinking.  far from it, especially now.  but in terms of people i know, they generally go out a lot.  so the world where people don’t do ANY of that stuff AT ALL is very foreign.  and i’m not even talking about going out til 3 in the morning and drinking your brains out.  i’m talking about… just going out for wings and beer, or having a cocktail over dinner… i don’t mean this offensively, to all those might in some minute way match the description above.  all i’m saying is that i never realized … hmm… that there’s a whole world of non-average average young people out there.  does that make sense?  k, i don’t even know what i’m trying to say now…

anyway, just for the record, just cuz i happen to enjoy beer does not make me THE DEVIL!!! muuuhahahaha….

plus… drinking is fun.  take that stick out you buttcrack for a night and let loose for once.  it’ll be worth it.   

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  1. i didn’t have a drink and get my first buzz until 2-3 years ago .. ? only after i started working .. i’d go to clubs but just for the music and dancing’s very much possible to have a life w/o alcohol .. and to partake in activities that don’t involve inebriation ..i’ve met some ppl who, on friday nights, go out to church groups .. they do fun activities there too ..drinking used to give me headaches right after it went into my system, without any sort of buzz at all, so i was pretty turned off on it .. i mean, costs extra $$, i get a headache, my face turns red .. that’s no fun at all .. !!speaking of fun .. have u gone to Hey Lucy on wednesdays yet .. ? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ if u do .. commute to work that day .. safer ..i’m sorry izzybear — go eat something then .. ! or check out my page jus before lunch !! πŸ™‚


  2. well, we can or can’t call that a foreign world, just our lifestyle is different than their’s… like even so, would your brother and me stop drinking? that really sounded like an oxy moron, me and your brother stop drinking booze… hahahaha… but yea, I guess some people just have another definition of lifestyle and fun… and it is a interesting to see how they live their lives…


  3. lol you guys are all jokesI do drink but i don’t do it too often. I still have fun going out to the bar to hang out and just have a drink or two. But to tell you the truth i rather be out there doing something active. A night playing ball at a indoor court in a church is prolly more fun for me then a night out drinking. Thats with any sport


  4. darling, i think u’re confusing the fact that partying/alcohol necessarily means u’re living ur life. i know lots of fun people who do fun things w/o having to ingest alcohol/party. being fun is a state of mind i guess?


  5. I agree with willariah that being happy or anything is all a state of mind… I would like to look at this as that the majority of the people you know are all into a similar lifestyle as you, and when you narrow down ways to enjoy yourself you’ll meet similar people as you as well… Kinda like aliens that see us may think we’re weird, cuz in their planets they have butt and head locations different than us… we’re probably weirdos to many people…Well anyways, things are all relative, always look at the big picture and nothing will be foreign πŸ™‚


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