it’s so cold in the office i’m shivering… aaaaaaaah i want summer to come.  what a tease the warm weather in april was.  i got these sandals and haven’t even gotten to wear them once. 

the concert last night was actually preeeeetty good.  i guess live performances really can’t be compared to dvds.  i was quite surprised.  now i’m all tired today cuz i only got 5 hours of sleep.  *pout*.  oh well.  it’s not like i’ll die or anything. 

back from break.  was talking to some people about Harry Potter and i just realised that… i don’t remember anything from the fifth book!  i shall re-read the whole series again.  weeeeeeeee!!!  i must say, my favorite is still the third one.

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  1. the fourth movie is coming out at the end of the yr .. woohoo !! we’ll get to see the girl that they cast as cho chang .. some chinese girl from scotland, i hear .. my coworker used to bring a heater to the office .. hide it under her desk cuz the aircon’s blasting in the summer ..


  2. Issey! Yeah 3rd one was the best. The 5th one was sooooo slooowwww and boooorrrringggg. Thanks for ur phone call! It made my week! We must chill sometime 🙂 Visit ol’ manly-bowl-legs for wings one day . Hahhahah! I’d better not lose my appetite….


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