accident on the 401 this morning.  a Molson big rig collided with a Honda Civic, resulting in more than two thousand case of beer spilling out all over the road…

how my heart aches…

on a lighter note, going to Alan and Hacken concert tonight.  i hear that the one 2 years ago was really good, but since i lost the tickets, i wouldn’t know.  i can’t imagine it being too fascinating tho.  i mean, they’re both well over 40 and don’t really fall into my “hot” category.  yeah, they have good voices, but then in that case, i might as well just listen to their cd.  just going cuz bf wants to watch.  anyway.  i must remember the importance of positive thinking .  not much of a smile, but it’ll come… heehee.  in time… in time…(probably when the concert ends.  hahaha… i joke, i joke…)

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  1. let’s have a moment of silence for all the beer that was lost in the tragic accident today… ok moment’s past.
    sounds like the concert’s going to be a blast! take it for what it is… an experience you’ve never had. πŸ™‚


  2. *moment of silence for the beer*
    Hope nobody was hurt… I’m gonna be at the concert too tonight!  I wonder if I’ll bump into you then πŸ™‚  Don’t forget to introduce your bf if we do see him πŸ™‚


  3. i think that’s the second instance of beer truck spillage in recent history .. there was another one just last month ..
    bf .. ? hmm .. do tell .. msn me !! =)


  4. “-_- you are so ghetto ahhaha
    o mann oyu going….you’re gunna see joey leung! hehe special guest! damn he’s so cool haha
    the concerts ok laa….its kind of dies off but its good….hahah but if i were to go this year i’d hate it cause i hate alan tam now haha so eep ahahha
    anywho have funn


  5. aww…spilt beer…nooooooo….*moment of silence*my heart still aches although i haven’t had any for quite sometime…(only a couple since arriving in HK) makes me miss Canada all the more. Good times, good friends.take care.-Drew


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