My first week at Smart & Biggar is almost over… and tmw is casual day!!!  Never really appreciated the coziness of hoodies and jeans til now…

It’s been surprisingly non-stressful here.  The people are really nice and pretty laid-back.  Haven’t seen any panic attacks or anything yet.  Phones aren’t ringing off the hook… no towers of paperwork looming over my desk… or other desk’s for that matter… AND, very surprisingly, when I leave at 5:00, the office is already half-empty.  Definately not what i expected.  Which is nice.    Best thing is, it doesn’t leave me feeling drained and ready to crawl into bed at the end of the day.  and i get to sit.  and i get to eat.  fewer hours, more money, this is good.  Although i could do with more………………………… but then again, who couldn’t.  slowly… slowly…

I wonder why carnations are the “Mother’s Day flowers”.  Do mom’s really like carnations?  Or is it just another marketing/commerical ploy… Personally, i think they’re kind of ugly.  But maybe that opinion will change after my first lil’ one pops out.  Anyway, I ordered a bouquet of them anyway.  The alternative was roses and that would be too weird.  The florist promised me that she would make them not look tacky.  We shall see…

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  1. less work + more money is always the way to go .. who the heck would go for more work + less money .. ?!hoodies and jeans .. yea, i don’t think i’ll get to wear that anytime soon .. 😦 unless i’m called into work on a wkend or something ..smart & biggar sounds like a fake company name .. hehe ..


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