new colors!!!

weee!!! changing the face of my xanga was a lot easier than i thought.  now i can look at my page without feeling like i got smashed in the face with a strawberry shortcake.  ouch. 

Went to Cartel today to update my Word test cuz i only got 69% on the first one.  Got 89%!!! So they’re gonna forward my resume to this intellectual property law firm for some position as admin assistant.  Wish me luck!!!

Then went to this ticket fighter called Dan Johnson.  He seems nice… hopefully just as capable… $250 & tax for 2 tickets.  much better than the $250/ticket at pacific mall.  Court date in 2 weeks.  Praaaaaay… praaaaay… praaaaaaaay….

Wondering about the University of London external law programme… apparently it’s been around since 18–, so it can’t be that horrible… can it?

for some reason, people asking me what i’m planning to do has started to bug me.  so DON’T ASK.  haha… just kidding. … half.  I feel like i’m answering to them or something.  Like i have to say something that’s pleasing to them or else i’ll get a terrific lecture.  Then they’ll go on some shpeel about “You know, you can’t work at PMall your whole life. (duh.)  You gotta do something else… so what are you doing???  You have to do something you know??  Be a good girl la… you’re not young anymore…”  Just because you don’t see evidence of me using my brain doesn’t mean i don’t use it.  And just cuz i used to go clubbing doesn’t mean i party every night like there’s no tomorrow.  But for some reason, that doesn’t seem to get through to people… i haven’t gone clubbing in over half a year and people still tell me that i shouldn’t party all the time and that it’s time to grow up.  And what if i do party?  that’s on weekend nights and leaves plenty of time weekdays to do whatever needs to be done.  But for the record, i do not. well, not every weekend………..

Sometimes it’s also the only thing people ask about.  which, after repeating yourself a few hundred times, gets pretty boring. now i’m just gonna say, “You’ll see what i do when it happens when i’m doing it.”  Don’t be offended.

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  1. woohoo!! izzybear finally updated! :Daww .. you look so blue now .. :/can’t help it if ppl are interested in your life .. nobody’s interested in mine! 😛 ppl only want my food pictures .. 😛


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