re: error in last entry

just got moobear’s comment… i understand what he’s saying too… it’s true.  people ask cuz they care.  so, i take back what i say.  it’s more just me being stressed out and trying to focus more on action.  i can’t really rationalize it… i guess with a few people hounding me and stressing me out about the future, it makes me antsy when other people ask… but thanks everyone for caring.  i shall update my blog more often so then people can know without asking.

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  1. Cool beans! Good luck with everything girl!I got the same thing a while back too… can’t stay at temple forever, gotta settle down, gotta keep looking for work etc… it gets to the point of nausea when you hear all those things…Just stay focused, and do yo thang… ’nuff said.You party too much? You haven’t been partying enough girl! >:P


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