I love that Jacky Cheung song… “Only Something Love Can Do”.  Thanks albert for introducing it to me!!!

Just went downtown, met with the first attendance for a pre-trial, and now i’m home.  and it’s only 10:40.  Usually i would just be rushing out of the house.  I was sooooo tempted to not go this morning.  so. so. tempted.  Got 8 hours of sleep over the past few days did not put me in the mood for trekking all the way downtown in rush-hour traffic.  So anyway, i got up and headed out… and i’m damn glad i did… The actual meeting was totally unproductive.  She offered me 2 demerit points instead of 3, which doesn’t really make a big difference so i just filled out these damn forms to request trial.  BUT… but.  😀 going downtown… haven’t been in so long… it brought me back to my university days… forgot how beautiful the city is.  so different from uptown.  the people, the atmosphere…puts a lot into perspective about life in general and what i want to do with it.  decided to call owner today to quit my job.  working at pmall has been an interesting experience, but it’s about time it ended.  i find that the environment does not encourage growth in me at all.  the people, the things you do… i’ve changed a lot since working there and looking back, it’s not a pretty site.  met some good people along the way, bb, samsam, lil’ken, but otherwise, it’s just been one big dramafest.

and as of today, i am done with it.  time to move on to bigger and better things.

Thanks to everyone who’s stuck by me the whole way and put up with my gayness.

Luv ya sis!

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  1. xo.  glad to hear u were able to get something out of attending.  sometimes it really works to ur benefit just to plead guilty to things up front in traffic court because they view it as u saving them time and effort and they reward u for that:p


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