to buy or not to buy…

The Samsung E630 is sooo pretty, but i’ve heard that it has software problems.  So.  i can either take a risk and buy it.  or i can wait til january when supposedly lots of new phones are coming out.  if i buy it, i get to use it now.  (obviously.)  but.  if it f’ks up, then i have to get it sent back to hk to get fixed which will take 4-6 weeks, in which case i might as well have just waited to see what the new phones look like.

things that make you go “hmm…”

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  1. wait a bit… all good phones come out later on around Jan… I am looking at a Sony Ericsson V800… my ultimate dream phone… but I am not buying it… hahaha…


  2. And after this phone passes, there will be a new one, and another one, and another one… to satisfy a current “Ooh Aah” and gain a sense of temporary fulfilment… having a goal is important, like a deam car, dream house, dream phone too I guess… they are all the same small steps in a tiny circle.  I’m not telling you not to get the phone or not, but do you at least see the concept of how “empty” or “temporary” this phone will be if you keep on using all that money on spending on a new one?  $300 dollars a year can help alot of needy children… you work in World Vision, you should know right?
    Again, not telling you you’re bad for buying a phone or pulling a guilt trip on you or what not… everybody likes new stuff, but its a vicious cycle of temptation… why be bothered by little things when there are usually more important things to work towards?  Only you can answer that question, you have your own priorities, it is your own money… Always think about what your actions are and the effects of those actions… after you do buy your dream phone what are the bigger benefits or drawbacks etc. in the big picture of life?  I honestly don’t even know what an E630 looks like, whether you get it or not now you’ll regret it again because something new will come out afterwards… all the time… take what I said with a grain of salt please ^_~


  3. Just trying to catch up with the missing contributions from the previous months… not being super analytical… but just trying to offer a different point of view… don’t take my comments too harshly okay? hehe


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