my goodness.  she’s ok in her videos and stuff, but in person… damn… hahaha… and this is coming from a girl.  went to her concert tonight.  too bad my cuz couldn’t go, but had a good time anyway. :p  thanks damdam and colmic for driving!!! and for getting us there in lightning speed.  haha… then went for chicken wings.  feel bad that damdam had to pay but *sigh*… TI politics, what can you do.  no worries.  dinner on J. 

k, time to go to bed.  work tmw.  update soon. 🙂

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  1. hey hey…..thx for bringing me….i had a great time…..soo good got to see joey….she’s sooo hot and sexy now….omg……she really changed alot….haha….
    yah u tell J that he OWNS me a dinner!!!!!!!!!!!


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