It seems that I have many people not pleased with me recently.  What a nice feeling it is.  Apparently i make everyone’s life a living hell.  Is everything really my fault?

What do people do when someone bitches at them?  And why do i feel like i live under a microscope, with people examining and judging my actions, and they feel obliged to let me know if i’m doing something wrong.  Or does everyone live like that? 

I feel like i’m especially immoral… like i’m one of the most evil creatures to walk this earth… or do i just care too much about what other people say?  Like that boy, donkey, and man story… is it just my attitude that just needs changing?  No wonder some people don’t trust anyone…

it’s so weird… i try… i really try to make people happy… but somehow it seems to backfire.  other people are just anal and no one bitches at them! maybe this approach to life isn’t good… since it doesn’t seem to work anywhere. at first it was just at home.  now it’s pooled into friends.

“No matter what you believe in, believe in yourself first.”

alright.  enough of that. i’m being melodramatic.  there are so many more important things in this world.  who cares about all this.  as linkin park says, in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

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  1. hey sweetheart… how ar eyou doing?? i hope things are sorted out for you and such… how’s Toronto?  I don’t think I’ll be back until Thanksgiving, but that’s only a few weeks away… wow…I hope things are going well for you….  I’ll talk to you on msn soon 🙂


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