Went to Afterlife last night… haven’t been clubbing in ages… i must say, it was quite the party!!! Got there late and found that the VIP line was even longer than the guestlist AND normal line! ack! Thank god for Jonny Ho who brought us straight in and saved us probably an hour of waiting outside.  Thanks jonny!  Bumped into a crapload of people, did a lot of catching up, found out that one of my friend’s sister is GETTING MARRIED!!!!!! i’m so happy for her. she’s like a sister to me.  sooo glad to hear that she finally found a guy she wants to spend her life with. 

other than that… a usual night around the town… chatting, drinking… barely did any dancing… lol…but that’s alright.  being on the patio was definately hot.

Upon reflection, i really miss my high school bunch… lost touch with them awhile ago, and thought that maybe things might be weird seeing them again, but it was so nice.  it was almost like seeing long lost family. haha… how gay is that. 

Anyway, thanks guys! luv you all!!!

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