Been having really good days and really shitty nights recently… which is odd, cuz i’m at work all day and you would expect that to be the crumminess and not my nights resting at home. 

When is enough enough?  i asked my friend and he said, “when it’s enough, you’ll know, cuz you won’t be asking that question.”  which is true.  in a way.  but then, i think there are some girls who just really really give people the benefit of the doubt.  way past what they deserve.  haha… words from the wise Jen Linley from Dawson’s Creek… “Anyone who makes me feel like this doesn’t deserve a maybe.” That was in response to him asking her if they might have a chance in the future.  I guess there really are people like that in real life… too bad i’m not one of them… i wonder how many people are? Actually, i’ve talked to lots of people and they seem very “rational” when it comes to making decisions… i guess i’m too much of a “heart” person…

Being forgiving is a good thing…………….. but when is it just… being in denial of what’s right in front of your face … ?   

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