Agree or Disagree?

“No man is worth your tears and the one who is won’t make you cry.”

Had this discussion with my sis.  No one is every happy 100% of the time in relationships, but how much does one take before it’s too much?  And what, if anything, does it mean when it doesn’t really bother a guy to see you cry? How much reflects their personality versus how much they care?


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  1. “how much does one take before it’s too much?”
    – My girlfriend says 50%.  But she also says that a lot of little happinesses can be wiped out by one big unhappy. 
    PS who made you cry?!  WHERE DOES HE LIVE


  2. maybe someone can make u cry w/o knowing it… but it’s their reaction to it that is revealing. even if i cry every day over everything, if one day, he starts not even noticing, i think that’s when he’s stopped caring about how i feel.


  3. this has nothin to do with the question but since u dont have a new post…im leaving my mark here…u r a jinX! i read ur whole xanga…then the next day my computer blows up on me…”-_-…thats all i have to say…


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