Got pulled over last night for making an illegal U-turn… right outside parkway.  it was 3:00 in the morning!!!  who would figure there would be someone sitting there waitng to pounce… the cops were really really nice tho… but i still got a $300 ticket.  >.<  which is fine as long as it doesn’t affect insurance.  does it does it?! i think it does.  f*ck.  so i’m gonna fight it.  i hope it works.  anyone have experience with this?

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  1. no demerit points of this – but it is hefty. go to court and if the officer shows up, plead guilty – they’ll reduce ur fine on the spot to something reasonable.  if u continue to fight it, they’ll give u less of a price reduction. the judge just wants to save time and get the hell out of the trial quickly like anyone else.


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