Went to my cousin’s house for dinner tonight.  At first i thought it would just be me and my dad and them, but it turned out to be this mother of a gathering.  i was caught off guard, but it turned out to be really good.  i was planning to just eat, sit a bit, then go, but i ended up staying til almost 11.  and i wasn’t even forced to.  hehe.

Found my cuz’s xanga page & dropped her a comment so she’ll probably be here… so i’ll leave her a note too. 

It was really nice to talk to you stephiepoo.  hahahaha… you’re so not the sappy type.  But yeah, i can’t remember the last time we had a decent conversation.  Hope we get to do it more often.

Aiight.  Off to bed.  Night everyone!

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  1. stephiepoo?…uh huhh…decent convo…riiiite ahhaha but come to think of it…dun think we ever had a conversation like that…as cuzins..we dont talk much do we? =S…eh…at least we’re still young…plenty of time to start the talkin…o wait…only one of us is still young!!!!! hahhaha LOSER!!! hahha but yea…we can talk wen u go live in hk and wen i visit u in 2 yrs ^^ o yea…msg me on msn bout the muddy nic pic “-_-…886!!


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