In Memory of Cecilia Zhang

My wishes with a genie.

The wishes stated below are some wishes I have chosen.

My first wish is to make my ideal classroom appear in my room.

I also wish that I have all the animals in the world to be my friends and all of my friends could visit them.

My other wish is that meat can be produced without the killing of animals but the world won’t be overfilling with animals.

I also wish for all my dreamlands to come true.

My other wish is that there are no more wars in the world and that equality is everywhere.

Well those were some of my wishes. Hope you enjoyed it.

By Cecilia Zhang.

One thought on “

  1. Beautiful…
    Today is perhaps the saddest day of my life…especially being a teacher myself, asian, and living down the street from Cecilia’s home.  Walking into my school this morning, the atmosphere was emotionally sad and depressing.  After talking to one particular teacher, tears ran down her cheeks as she started crying…she informed me that last night she held her little daughter tighter than ever before.
    Thanx Iss for posting Cecilia’s “Wishes”…her writing reminded us how innocent our children are.
    Cecilia…may god be with you…have fun and enjoy your “dreamland” with your ideal classroom, animals as your friends, and no wars and equality…as you wished. 


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