Who cares???

Sometimes i highly question who cares about me and who doesn’t. 

There are those who stick by you through thick and thin and would do anything for you and the fact that they care about you is indisputable.

Then there are those you talk to a lot, but when shit happens, or when they have no need of you anymore, it’s like they never knew you.  They disappear faster than you can say “ttyl”.  Ok, a slight exaggeration, but you know what i mean. 

Then there are those who talk to you just cuz you’ll listen.  And when you talk about your day, they strategically link it back to their own day so they can keep talking about themselves.

Then there are those that you barely talk to, but you know that if anything happened they would be there in a sec. 

And then there are those that you barely talk to cuz neither of you care.

The worst, i think, are those that say that they care, or somehow expect you to know that they care, but fail to show this in the crucial moments.  That’s like having a freaking umbrella that works perfectly, that’s amazing at protecting every inch of you from the rain, but doesn’t freaking open when it starts to pour.  You can’t say it doesn’t work, cuz technically it does.  But practically speaking, as functional as it is, does it really matter if you can’t even use it?  Who the fuck needs an umbrella that won’t open? 

I wonder if i’ve covered all the different categories… probably not, but whatever.

“Everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings, I feel so small …”  haha… lyrics from Britney’s only slow song on her new cd… it’s so pretty tho!!!

Thanks for the Happy Stick, peanut!!!

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  1. hmm. i wonder which category i fall into? i would hate to be a useless umbrella. But do not despair, you have many people who care about you. Some who care too much. Those are the people you hold on to.


  2. Yeah, I also wonder what category I fall under? Make sure you appreciate the people that care for you or else they aren’t going to be there for long.


  3. hmm.  well, i think the world is overfilled with people who are insincere, which is why we have a tendancy to value those rare precious few who we don’t have to doubt.  u and tina have something v. special.


  4. hey gf
    i’m not there but i’m reading your comments and they’re so interesting so i’m going to post them on my website! 🙂
    guess what, everyone’s getting interviews for the Toronto Board and i haven’t heard anything.. 😦
    i’m feeling so ooo shitty right now
    life sucks


  5. hey i’m back again.. i forgot to comment on your page! well i think you’re totally right about the people in general.. it really sucks that when you really need someone, they’re not there for you and you just can’t find someone to lean on.. and that’s a really shitty feeling..
    i feel that alot too in general.. i have no one else to depend on these days but what can you do.. that’s life. we’re all in the same boat~


  6. coo xanga blog…=) it’s funny…how right when i read it…i knew which one you were for me…it came straight to my mind the time you rescued me…without any questions…and i just want to say thank you…for being “that” type of friend to me..=) i hope you know that i want to be “that” type of friend to you too..*hugz*


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