Stone or Gem?  Designer or No-names?

Been hearing a lot about the marketing strategies of girls recently.  You should market yourself so you’re not easily attainable – be a gem, not a stone.  Be a designer brand, not a no-name brand.  Makes you feel a little like a cow being branded, doesn’t it.   Wake up and smell the morning coffee guys, cuz girls are NOT cows.  or jeans, or jewels, or pebbles.  I guess this strategy works for some people.  But a relationship based on this kind of mentality seems to border on the superficial side… Isn’t there more to a person than just their availability?  No matter how unavailable someone is, if they are completely lacking in substance, i don’t think that should make them a gem.  And if someone has inner substance, does being genuine really turn them into a stone?  I’d hope that people could see beyond that.  Apparently not. 

True, coming off as desperate is a no-no… but i think that’s more because *being* desperate is bad, not seeming desperate.  On the other hand, having to confidence to go for what you want, i would think, is a good thing.  Rather than sitting there timidly waiting for the guy to make the first move, then not picking up the damn phone. Isn’t that a little played out? 

Or maybe i just don’t know how to play to game so i’m hatin’ on it instead…

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  1. those who still has that mindset really need therapy…  cause women is more than a brand or glass…  she is not made of fabrics or what not…  it’s her glowing natural self that exhibits better qualities than a gem…  a gem is just a rock made up of mostly the element 14, which is carbon…  a woman has qualities/substance/things (whatever you want to refer it…) far more valuable, essential and pure than a gem… 


  2. we are all unique in our own different ways…some people believe that games must be played in order to acheive their goals or to proof a point…egos are at times very important for some individuals…honesty is the best policy….can’t go wrong with that
    “having to confidence to go for what you want…”  I did exactly that by following my heart….unfortuntely….but I will still love her forever… 🙂


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