The Passion of the Christ…

So much controversy and so much talk.  Questions of whether it is anti-Semitic or not.  People can be so touchy sometimes!!! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it just seems that there are some people who would sacrifice accuracy to ameliorate their reputation.  Apparently it’s anti-Semitic.  Would you call a movie about the KKK anti-white?  I’m not trying to equate the KKK with Jews, but the idea that if certain people perpetrated something, then … what’s the problem in portraying it as such?  If the Chinese attacked Japan, and a movie was made about it, would it be anti-Chinese???

But then again, maybe I should watch the movie before I open my big mouth.

As a side note, CP24 is surprisingly biased when it comes to this movie… this woman in the CP newsroom keeps yaking on and on about how it’s anti-Semitic.  When they receive a caller that supports the movie, suddenly they have to go on break. GRR.

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  1. this is 1 movie I am still being iffy about…  mainly the fact that I know Jesus has suffered and sacrificed for me…  I don’t know how I am suppose to face Him, knowing very well how brutal it was…  but someone told me not to look at the movie as a movie of sufferring…  rather, look at it how glorify it is, because I can actually call myself a Christian n’ I am glad that He had saved me from this wicked world…  now I can understand a bit more about Psalms 40:2… 


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