Isn’t it interesting how moods can fluctuate like mad within a span of 5 minutes?  A book’s been sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust for awhile… E.Q. by Daniel Goldman (if my memory serves me correctly…) I think it’s about time i read it… I guess after this Mitch Albom book…

Maxim 42 from Maxims and Reflections by Francesco Guicciardini.

“You can better rely on someone who needs you or who happens to have a common objective than on someone you have benefited.  For men are generally not grateful.  If you do not want to be deceived, make your calculations according to this rule.”

haha… funny how, like my moods, i can fluctuate between seeing all people as good to all people being calculative bastards who only want their own good.  Luckily the former is the general norm.  heehee.  just minor lapses into the latter…

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  1. “For MEN are generally not grateful?” I hope they are talking abut MEN as in mankind in general! 😛 Here’s my modification of your maxim which is more of an oxymoran really: “If you do not want to be imprisoned, make your calculations not according to rules, but on your own free volition.”


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