A word whose existence i am in complete disagreement with. 

General definition: someone who will do anything for someone, usually their bf/gf.

I do not understand how this would translate into being “whipped”.  Nice, maybe.  Extremely selfless and giving, probably.  It seems entirely unfair that someone who gives so whole-heartedly would be pinned with such an unfavorable title. 

It’s possible that those who label others as whipped are in fact jealous that some people in this world are so giving it makes them look bad.  So, to retaliate, they make that person look bad. 

Seriously, how is it anyone’s business to say if someone is whipped or not?  How often are we clear about the person’s intention?  Maybe if the guy didn’t want to do something, but does it just b/c the gf wants him to can be called whipped, but the fact that he chose to do it shows that ultimately, he’d rather do it than not do it.  This choice of action would lead one to think that it is because he would derive more happiness doing what would make the gf happy than doing what just makes himself happy.  So what’s the big deal?

Just a theory.

Although most commonly associated with bf/gf, ther term “whipped” is not restricted to this relationship.  So was Mother Teresa “whipped”?  Was Jesus “whipped”?  Was the Buddha “whipped”?  They would do so much for the world… for people they didn’t even know, but their actions are looked upon as saintly and not “whipped”. 

True, there are times when it seems obvious that a person is not exercising much rationality when they abide by another’s request.  Ex. if i ask my bf to bring me soup when he’s at work.  If he did leave, risking his job, just to bring me soup, does that mean he’s whipped?  No.  I think that just means he’s dumb.  Maybe it’s just a war over words, but i think there’s more to it.  Whipped implies that there’s something negative about someone being willing to do anything for someone.  Dumb just means that they failed to exercise reason. 

Am i just deluding myself? 

Bottom line – Just because someone is willing to be nicer than you are doesn’t make them wrong.

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  1. haha. i enjoyed reading this one. interesting topic. i think that “whipped” is more of a joke or teasing someone than anything, but sometimes it’s just true that someone doesn’t think on their own, but let’s their significant other dictate what they do. some people might think that’s thoughtfulness, but come on… think for yourself, while being thoughtful of your other, and do things NOT out of fear of retaliation, but because it’s reasonable that you do them.
    I really liked your comparison to religious figures and humanitarians.
    another thought… maybe you think this way b/c you’ve never been on the other side of the whip? 😛 ALTHOUGH i agree.. what IS the big deal? i think people in meaningful relationships understand that it really isn’t a big deal.
    sorry this comment was so long. hahaha.


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