Sis + lollipop = ???

A new navel ring for issey!!! weeeee!  heehee. yesyes, it’s not exactly the trend of the moment, but neither are earrings right?

Went to Way Cool Tattoos.  A little nervous as the 90% tattooed man led me down a dark stair passage and into a little room.  He was really really nice though.  I saw a jar of lollipops, so i asked for one, thinking that it’d distract me.  So, there in that tiny room I lay sucking on a grape-flavored lollipop with my eyes closed lightly, bracing myself for the worst.  In a way it was over before i knew it, but i also can’t deny that i felt the metal piercing my skin, going through my flesh, then appearing on the other side. 

Next in line is my tattoo.

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  1. wow…  amazed…  hehe…  but I kinda did thought about a tattoo…  but totally totally decided against the idea…  I don’t know, just the idea of having a needle that’s not from a doctor’s office just ain’t sterile enough for me…


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