Bronchial Issey

Been chilling at home the whole week… mostly on my bed… i even moved my laptop from my desk to here. :p 

I wonder if medication makes you more moody… i’ve been feeling very sensitive to feedback and recently, i’ve also started feeling like i’m an evil evil person… i don’t think people realise when they say stuff that’s hurtful… maybe they don’t think it is… buuuut… ugh, yes, everyone judges, but that mere fact doesn’t automatically make me comfortable being under the big fat googly eyes of judgment.  i think i spelt that wrong….

or maybe it’s just me.  maybe i AM just a bad person who owes every freaking person on this world an apology for all the horrible things i’ve done, and done intentionally, to them.  My apologies.

I should get out of my house before I go insane… or drown in this ever-growing pool of self-pity… maybe that’s just how life is… you step out of line, you get that slapped in your face like you’ve commited an immortal sin… i guess i should stop whining about it …

At least i have sis. 🙂

4 thoughts on “

  1. of course u have sis! and wooya too! hehehe
    u’r not a bad person sis, u really cannot please everyone. just make sure u please yourself and live  happily with yourself! ^__^ *hugz*


  2. Issey, you are an angel compared to all the bad bad bad things I’ve done. If people knew, if only I could turn back time, ACK! um.. I guess that doesnt make you feel any better. sorry… me wallowing in my own self pity


  3. miss k, how could you say that about yourself…  nonono…  if you are a bad or an evil person…  then I am sure quite a number of people will be significantly worse than you are, including myself…  afterall, I had been referred to as evil Cartman every so often…  for jokes…  hehe… 
    try reading Psalm 40:2, that’s my favorite verse nowadays…  check it out…  hope you get better soon!! 


  4. i wonder how good alcohol is for your bronchitis? i’m being serious. i wonder. and like everyone else has confirmed, you’re not an evil person. obviously there is a consensus here so it must be true. so you’re a very sweet person, who’s more thoughtful than most. believe it. so what if some people say things sometimes about some things… it does not say anything about you as a whole. plus it doesn’t mean that the person who’s bitching you out (i.e “me”) is right in the first place for saying anything. right? okay then. 🙂


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